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The Second EuHEA PhD student-supervisor 
and early career researcher conference


43 Oral and 20 Poster Presentations will be proposed during the conference

Oral Presentations

The conference session format will be as following: 25 minutes presentation by the author, 15 minutes discussion by a senior economist, 20 minutes for questions and general discussion.

You can access to the programm of the oral presentations by clicking on this link (.pdf)

- Charles ADARKWAH, Risk of Bias in Model-Based Economic Evaluations: The ECOBIAS Checklist

- Ayesha  ALI, A Comparison of Time Spent in Physical Activity and Commuting across BMI Categories

- Laura  ANSELMI, Effect of day and time of arrival at the Accident and Emergency department on the probability of admission, short-stay and 30 day mortality in England

- Rosalind BELL-ALDEGHI, Interactions between social and private insurance under ex-post moral hazard

- Arjun  BHADHURI, Capturing health spillovers for economic evaluation : a comparison of instruments

- Carla BLAZQUEZ, Do the unemployed hit the bottle during an economic downturn? The case of Spain

- Marwân-al-Qays BOUSMAH, Childhood mortality, childhood morbidity, and subsequent fertility decisions

- Léa BOUSQUET, Risk and information aversions' influences on screening decision

- Damien BRICARD, Timing of changes in smoking behaviors with family events

- Clémence BUSSIERE, Primary health care use among community-dwelling adults with disabilities: a structural equation modeling application based on French national survey data

- Mathieu CASSOU, Hospital Competition and Univeral Coverage of Health Care

- Gin Nie CHUA, External validity of Discrete Choice Experiment: Early Findings from a Field Experiment

- Eric DEFEBVRE, Working conditions and work-related chronic diseases: A career-long retrospective study

- Magali DUMONTET, French GPs’ practice location choices: a within-region analysis

- Peter EIBICH, Retirement, fertility, intergenerational transfers

- Hannah  FORBES, The effects of exercise and relaxation on health and wellbeing in a short panel of individuals with long term conditions

- Aurélie GAILLARD, Psychosocial risks exposure and mental health status: analysis from SIP survey

- Marlène GUILLON, Bare sexual behaviors: The role of time and risk preferences in condom use

- Jack HIGGINS, Risky health behaviours and educational engagement amongst the young

- Konrad  HIMMEL, Risk Selection in the German Social Health Insurance - Do Insurers Use Individual Characteristics?

- Philipp HÜBLER, Ashes to ashes, time to time – Parental time preferences and their role in the intergenerational transmission of smoking behavior

- Hyacinthe KANKEU TCHEWONPI, Socioeconomic inequalities in informal payments for health care: An assessment of the ‘Robin Hood’ hypothesis in 33 African countries.

- Pascale LENGAGNE, Workers compensation insurance: experience rating, firms’ practices and musculoskeletal disorders

- James LOVE-KOH, Health forgone for whom? Estimating the social distribution of opportunity costs in the English NHS

- Maria Ana MATIAS, Mental health inpatient care: how should services be organised in a NHS?

- Luke A.  MUNFORD, Do Labour Market Outcomes Predict Health and Well-being in Later Life?  Evidence from UK panel data

- Tobias MÜLLER, Disability Insurance Benefits and Work Preferences: Evidence from a Discontinuity in Benefit Awards

- Alberto NUNEZ-ELVIRA, What should the NHS do: train more doctors, or better incentivise existing ones? An analysis of UK doctors´ labour supply'

- Julius OHRNBERGER, Direct and indirect dynamic effects of mental health on physical health in the older English population

- Anne-Sophie OXHOLM, Can Physicians’ Remuneration Affect Their Prioritisation of High-Need Patients?

- Sandra PELLET, Horizontal and Vertical Equity in Healthcare Access in post-soviet Tajikistan

- Laurène PETITFOUR, Estimating and explaining the efficiency of township hospitals in Shandong province in the context of the drug policy reform

- Céline PILORGE, Pharmacy monopoly and price competition for OTC drugs: the French example

- Irene SANCHEZ, The monetary value of informal care: implications of using different well-being measures

- Rita SANTOS, Explaining Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions emergency admissions variation. A GP practice level analysis.

- Mujaheed SHAIKH, Pharmaceutical Expenditure and Economic Growth

- Jonathan SICSIC, Role of financial and non-financial incentives in improving cancer screening in general practice. A discrete choice experiment

- Surya SINGH, Integrating motherhood and employment

- Anne-Laure  SOILLY, Cost-of-Illness Analysis of Preterm Births in France.

- Wiktoria TAFESSE, Childhood Obesity in the UK: Is Fast Food a Factor?

- Marianne TENAND, Being dependent rather than disabled in France: does the institutional barrier at 60 affect care arrangements?

- Antje  TOCKHORN, Patient group submissions and the reimbursement decisions of the Scottish Medicines Consortium: do patients’ views matter?

- Léa TOULEMON, Long-term Impacts of Job Displacement on Job Quality and Satisfaction Indicators: Evidence from Germany

- Alex J. TURNER, The effects of in-utero exposure to influenza on the child mental health and longevity of a british cohort

- Nina ZERRAR, Long-Term Care insurance versus self-insurance: Are assets substitute or complementary to Long-Term Care Insurance?


Poster presentations

- Magda AGUIAR, Economic evaluation of food fortification to prevent population vitamin D deficiency

- Anne-Charlotte  BAS, The role of prices in the dental-care recourse

- Laura DYSART, Exploration of the effect of time preference on change in self-management behaviours in older adults with at least one chronic health condition

- María ERREA, Disentangling the demand for mental health services

- Filipa FONSECA, The Impact of Errors in Patient Safety

- Borja GARCIA-LORENZO, On the estimation of the monetary value of a QALY: Opportunity cost of health funding decisions in Spain

- Annabelle  GLAIZE, MCDA applied to health care decision-making: a systematic review

- Léontine GOLDZAHL, Do determinants of breast cancer screening differ when organized versus opportunistic screening is used?

- Gaëlle JAMET, Statins prescription in the NHS Health Check Context

- Sandrine JUIN, Care arrangements and caregivers' health: should we care about how they care?

- Christian  KREKEL, The Greener, The Happier? The Effects of Urban Green and Abandoned Areas on Residential Well-Being

- Matthias MINKE, The price of time: Quantifying survival improvements per cost unit of hospital treatments in Switzerland

- Shane MURPHY, Combining simulation and patient data to find optimal specifications for estimating risk-adjusted

mortality rates

- Anne ODUBER-PENALOZA, Decentralization in the health system: a spatial analysis for Brazil and Colombia

- Laura PIRHONEN, The cost effectiveness of personal-centered care

- Suzanne RUWAARD, Balancing incentives and risks in provider-payer contracts: introducing risk for better performance

- Till SEURING, Diabetes severity and duration and their effect on labour market outcomes in mexico

- Dorian VERBOUX, Geographic variation in breast cancer screening in France: a spatial econometric approach

- Lexane WEBER-BAGHDIGUIAN, Self-reported health and gender: the role of social norms

- Miaoqing  YANG, The effect of social health insurance on horizontal inequity in health care utilization: evidence from the New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme in rural China

- Saad ZBIRI, Caesarean section use: The impact of hospital staff structure